A revolutionary personal information manager


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Based on Mozilla Project's coding, this new personal information manager is ready to clear up some space on your desktop.

It's called Spicebird, and it works by taking functions from several programs and online services to give you a new experience with managing your email, contacts, instant messages, task managing, calender, agenda, reading the news, or managaging events.

The main novelty is to give these functions on a home page that's similar to Netvibes or iGoogle, although this function is of our own design. It will let you see your favorite RSS feeds or check up on your agenda without needing you to open the corresponding application.

Other than the innovations that comes with Spicebird is the ability to connect all of the services that it offers in a way that when you are looking at your emails you can carry on an instant messenger chat.

· The ability to add Google gadgets.
· New added connections for instant messengers.
· Able to sync with Google Calendar.
· A publication tool in blogs.
· Importing/Exporting.
· Supports other extensions.

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